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Dance Program



About the Dance Program

With a primary focus on Musical Theatre Dance, the dance program incorporates a mix of Ballet, Modern, Jazz, and Tap techniques. The program serves students who are theatre majors looking to study dance more intensively, serious dance minors, or students simply interested in building strength, coordination and self-confidence through the study of dance.

The dance minor requires additional courses in dance history, anatomy for dance, and choreography. Our faculty have a wide range of professional teaching, choreographic and performing experience ensuring students a comprehensive and rigorous program of study.

Program Requirements

The Minor in Dance requires 18 hours. The program is comprehensive and stresses a strong understanding of the body and how it can work most efficiently in a variety of techniques – ballet, modern, jazz and tap – while also requiring courses in history, choreography, and conditioning for dance.

Mission Statement

To spark creativity, facilitate innovation, and cultivate artists who are confident and prepared to succeed in the entertainment industry.

Confirmed Values:

  1. We believe in the power of storytelling to transform both the audience and the artist.
  2. We surround our students with practitioners who are devoted to their disciplines and have real-world experience as artists.
  3. We encourage our students to possess an understanding of the comprehensive process in an immersive mentored environment where students learn by doing.
  4. We place a strong emphasis on technique and industry standards and their vital role in serving the artistic process.
  5. We believe students should be cognizant of the historical, social, and cultural contexts of the art form.
  6. We celebrate diverse people, perspectives, and cultural influences. 


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