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Understanding Your Medical History

Important pieces of information you need to know before visiting your healthcare provider. This information helps the provider in treating the patient the most effective way possible and helps avoid any potential dangers to the patients, for instance prescribing an antibiotic that you may have had an allergic reaction to in the past.

Things to Know for Your Medical History


Have you ever had an allergic reaction to any medication, foods, or environmental agents (i.e. laundry detergent)? If you've had an allergic reaction what happened?


Are you currently taking any prescription or over the counter medications, including vitamins or supplements? It's important to know the correct name, dosage, and frequency of the medication.

It is important to know all medications including supplements, injections, contraceptives to be able to check for and avoid any potential interactions with new prescriptions.

Patient History

Have you had surgery or hospitalizations? Do you have a chronic medical condition? Are you currently under the care of a health care provider, or have you been treated for medical problems in the past?

It is important for the clinic to obtain any past medical records in order to continue chronic medications and/or treatment of chronic conditions.

Family History

What types of medical conditions exist in your family? For example, does your father have a history of high blood pressure or cardiac problems?  Does your brother have diabetes?

It is also important to know and report family medical history. There are conditions that may require earlier monitoring if they are present in family members. Knowing a thorough history may help reduce the risk of potentially developing those conditions.

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