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Absences and Medical Withdrawal

WCU Health Services does not provide class notes to excuse you from class.

Absence Notification Protocol

Students are expected to attend all meetings of the courses in which they are enrolled. However, students may periodically find themselves missing classes due to illness or injuries.

The Student Absence Notification process is designed to serve as a resource and central point of contact for students who, in a crisis situation, need to have their instructors notified of their absence. It will not excuse a student from class. This process is not intended to notify instructors of non-crisis related absences.

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Health Services Proof of Visit

If you have missed class due to a visit with Health Services, you can obtain a proof of visit from your Health Services patient portal.  You can find a list of all of your appointment history under the Appts tab or you can find a statement of your visit under the statements tab.

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Withdrawal from the University

Should you need to withdraw from a course, or from the current term due to a medical issue, reach out to The Office of Student Retention for more information and instructions regarding the process.

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