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Printing Services FAQ's

For business card and name tag orders, you can order using our online platform. For all other orders please email with your order details.

There are no minimum quantity orders for items purchased at the Print Shop. However, if merchandising stock has to be ordered from an outside vendor, minimum quantities may apply and vary by vendor. 

We do have graphic designers on staff. It is helpful for customers to provide any logos or photos for use in their designs. Most designs can be completed in one-two weeks.

We only offer a template for research conference posters, linked on our home page. For any other design templates, please contact University Communications and Marketing. 

The turnaround time varies depending on the nature of the job being printed and the number of jobs already scheduled at the time you place your order. On-campus jobs always take priority.

The Print Shop carries a wide variety of paper types and weights. If you have questions about what specific paper type your project requires, please email

The Print Shop does not accept personal paper to print on. The machines used require very specific paper types. If you would like to know if the Print Shop carries paper comperable  to yours, email and we can schedule an appointment to look at paper samples. 

The Print Shop carries paper with a semi-gloss finish but does not print on high-gloss photo paper. 

We currently do not provide shipping services to off-campus customers. 

We do deliver to departments on campus, if requested. We do rely on student help for many deliveries, so there may be slight delays depending on student availability.

No. The only funds for payment that are accepted are University budget codes, cash, check, or card. 

We currently do not print on apparel. 

Faculty/Staff Mail Services FAQ's

Faculty/Staff mail is located in the Mail Room of the Print Shop, 274 WCU Norton Road, Cullowhee, NC 28723.

No. The student mail center is located on the second floor of the A.K Hinds University Center at 245 Memorial Drive. For any questions about student mail call 828.227.3421.

Outgoing mail should be brought to the mail room with a rubber band around the bundle with a department budget code affixed to the bundle. 

The mail room receives packages the day after tracking shows delivered for USPS. The mail room does not recieve UPS or FedEx packages for other departments on campus. UPS and FedEx are delivered directly to departements via their carriers. 

Letters/packages for USPS need to be delivered to the mail room no later than 3:30 pm.

No. There are drop boxes across campus for FedEx and UPS. The mail room only handles USPS mail. 

Place a lamanated card in the outgoing mail slot with the department information letting mail carriers know that you have a large package to be picked up. 

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