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Western Carolina University Emergency Communications Center

The Western Carolina University Emergency Communications Center (WCUECC) operates independently and functions as its own communications center, responsible for allocating and dispatching resources to the campus community. The WCUECC is comprised of one Lieutenant, one Sergeant, one Public Safety Technologist and eight telecommunicators. The WCUECC is tasked with dispatching Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS for all calls of service requiring these types of responses.

Emergency Communication Center

Emergency Communication Center

The WCUECC regularly communicates with other campus partners to better assist the campus community and produce positive solutions to dynamic situations involving multiple campus departments. The WCUECC proactively engages with other campus offices, faculty/staff and students to ensure we are providing the best quality service possible while enhancing and maintaining meaningful relationships with our community.

The WCUECC is available 24/7 and 365 days of the year. The WCUECC is required to always have personnel to assist the university’s needs. This means there is always someone in the communications center. Our department is divided into four shifts including two day-shift rotations and two night-shift rotations. Each of the four shifts has two telecommunicators assigned to them. Each telecommunicator works twelve-hour shifts which is approximately 0ne-hundred hours every two weeks. The WCUECC public safety technologist provides regular equipment maintenance and tests on all systems to ensure all equipment is functioning properly.

It is the mission of the WCU Emergency Communications Center to provide the University’s campus, community, guests, and visitors rapid, professional, and comprehensive assistance in the event of police, fire, and/or medical emergencies. We will respond with compassion, concern, courtesy, and integrity in all that we do to reflect positively on the Department and the University. We will remain mindful of the importance of the role of protecting the welfare of the public and the Department’s officers and other University departments.

We are committed to continually enhancing the level of service provided to the University community. We will recruit and develop employees who are committed to customer service, view the public as our most important asset and be accountable to the University community for providing excellent service.

For assistance or questions regarding the Western Carolina University Emergency Communications Center call (828) 227-7301.

For emergencies dial (828) 227-8911.

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