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Daily Activity Reports


Status/Disposition Description


The case is open and being investigated.

Agency Referral

A crime was reported to WCU Police, but occurred off campus. The report will be referred to the applicable jurisdiction where the crime occurred.

Closed by Arrest

The case is closed and an individual(s) was arrested.

Closed Leads Exhausted

The incident has been investigated and all leads are exhausted.

Information Report

The incident was assigned to an officer to write an information report, but it is not a reportable offense.

State Citation

A North Carolina State Citation was issued for a crime that was committed.


The incident was investigated by a sworn law enforcement officer and determined to be false or baseless.

Warrant Served by WCU for Other Agency

An individual(s) was arrested for active warrants taken out by another agency.

Student Referral

A student was referred to the Department of Student Community Ethics or the Dean of Students.

Closed by Exception

  • Death of Offender - Death of the offender in the commission of the crime or investigation.
  • Prosecution Declined - The prosecutor declines to press charges.
  • In Custody of Other Jurisdiction - Cases in which extraditions are formally denied or in circumstances where an offender committed offenses in two jurisdictions and was arrested in one of the jurisdictions.
  • Victim Refused to Cooperate - The victim wishes to not participate in the investigation or chooses not to press charges.
  • Juvenile/No Custody - The handling of a juvenile without taking him/her into custody.
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