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The Western Carolina University Police Department (WCUPD) is comprised of professional commissioned police officers and support staff. WCUPD officers receive the same initial level of training as municipal and county law enforcement officers. Officers are required to complete over 700 hours of training at a regional police academy and pass a statewide examination to become certified as a police officer in the state of North Carolina. Additionally, our officers exceed the continuing education and training requirements of the state. WCUPD police officers are certified through the North Carolina Department of Justice.


North Carolina Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET)

All WCU police officers must successfully complete the North Carolina Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) Program before they are allowed to perform law enforcement duties. The BLET Program is a State accredited program designed to prepare entry level individuals with the cognitive and physical skills to become certified North Carolina law enforcement officers.

The course is comprised of thirty-six separate blocks of instruction. BLET Program graduates must pass a comprehensive, statewide examination before obtaining law enforcement certification from the North Carolina Attorney General's Office. The WCU Police Department supports the BLET Programs at Southwestern Community College and Haywood Community College. To learn more about BLET Sponsorship through WCU PD, vision our Career Opportunities page.


Filed Training Officer Program

Upon completion of BLET, our officers are required to complete supplemental training through our Field Training Officer Program to help prepare them for solo patrol. By the end of their field training, new officers must show proficiency in all training areas to maintain their employment as a WCU Police Officer.


Ongoing Training

In addition to completing Basic Law Enforcement Training and other training required through the state, our officers receive ongoing supplemental training throughout their careers to keep their skills and knowledge up to date. All sworn law enforcement officers must complete annual continuing education training including legal updates and a variety of other topics that are applicable to the ongoing climate of our state.

WCU PD also requires officers to attend additional training outside of the state requirements, such as CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) and ALERRT (Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training) Active Shooter Training. Officers may also select a wide variety of training to attend that they feel will further their advancement in the field of law enforcement.

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