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Department Divisions

Administrative Services 

The Administrative Services includes the Chief of Police and the Assistant Chief of Police who are primarily responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the department as well as establishing General Orders, Rules and Regulations, and the goals and mission of the agency.  In addition, there is one (1) Administrative Sergeant that provides Administrative Support to the Chief of Police, Accreditation Research, and Personnel Records Management.  This section also employees one part-time Principle Research and Policy Consultant and one part-time Evidence/Property Control Technician. 

Clery/Investigative Services 

The Clery and Investigative Unit is made up of a Clery Lieutenant, Detective Sergeant, and Detective. This unit works closely with other members of the department as well as other departments around the University to ensure the University is within federal guidelines of the Clery Act as well as conducting thorough and efficient investigations.

The Detective Sergeant also serves as the Victim Services and Community Outreach Sergeant.

Patrol Services 

WCU Patrol Officers are oftentimes the first point of face-to-face contact that you will have when requiring police assistance. These officers are responsible for the majority of community interaction and are the ones who respond to calls for service. Our patrol officers are on campus 24/7/365 and ready to respond to anything at a moments notice. Patrol operations consist of vehicle patrol, foot patrol and bicycle patrol depending upon staffing levels, special concerns, and the needs of the community.  Patrol officers are also expected to conduct preliminary investigations into criminal acts that are reported or suspicious activity that is observed.  In addition, Patrol officers enforce traffic laws, the Student Code of Conduct, and certain university policies. Members of the Patrol Section also participate in a wide variety of community outreach programs, staff numerous athletic & special events each year and take part in a number of university initiatives.  The Patrol Services unit is led by one (1) Patrol Lieutenant who oversees four (4) Sergeants that serve as shift supervisors.

Emergency Communication Services 

The Emergency Communications Center is comprised of one (1) Administrative Lieutenant (who also serves as the department’s Business Officer and handles logistical tasks within the police department), one (1) Sergeant, one (1) Public Safety Systems Technician, and eight (8) Emergency Telecommunicators.  This section is responsible for the continuous operations of the dispatch center for police, medical and fire calls for service that are reported.  In addition to dispatching emergency services, and answering on average 14,000 calls annually, our telecommunicators must be proficient with a multitude of computer and information systems.  These systems include on-campus systems such as card access, cameras and Emergency Medical Dispatch.  In addition, the staff must be familiar with the rules regarding access to criminal information, driver’s history information, and other protected data that is used by the department to increase campus security.

Specialty Services

Bike Patrol

WCUPD Bike Patrol

WCUPD Bike Patrol

Several members of the WCU Police Department are certified bike officers. These officers are identified by wearing a neon yellow uniform shirt and will probably have a bicycle nearby. Bike patrol bridges a gap between vehicle patrol and foot patrol. Bikes can be operated on streets, sidewalks and alleys which make them well suited for patrolling campus during athletic and community events.


WCUPD K9 Division

WCUPD K9 Division

At this time, we have two K9’s working for the WCU Police Department. Lando is a Belgian Malinois that joined the WCU PD in 2023 as a trained explosives detection canine. You will see Lando, and his handler Cpl. Conner Wilson, around campus on patrol and doing safety sweeps prior to large scale special events.

Sasha is a chocolate lab that has been a member of the WCU PD for almost her entire life. She is a Therapy dog in training and can be seen around campus with her “mom” Sgt. Tammy Pavey. Sasha enjoys going to classes and getting loved on by students. Feel free to contact Sgt. Pavey if you would like for Sasha to pay your class a visit!

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